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My brain did not break from reading Brian Michael Bendis and Michal Avon Oeming's Powers collection Powers: Forever.

Yes, the story arc with the "MONKEY FUCKER" issue.

But it did irresistably bring to my mind the episode of The Morning Zoo with Don and Mike when Don Geronimo listed the Top Ten phrases that the radio station didn't want them to say, and #1 was "Hot Monkey Love." Don almost lost it, and barely choked out "They have a problem with 'Hot Monkey Love'!" while managing to only barely laugh.

I love the phrase "Hot Monkey Love." I do not have a problem with "Hot Monkey Love."

I wish Bendis had used it somewhere in the trade, maybe when introducing the script to "THE MONKEY FUCKER ISSUE."

(This entry has been an excuse to use both the phrases "Hot Monkey Love" and "MONKEY FUCKER." It should not have been read by small children.)
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