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Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, what condition my condition was in

Remindering Time:

Portland is three days away from the fourth annual Cort and Fatboy/KUFO screening of The Big Lebowski.

It's also three days away from the second annual March of the Lebowskis, when hundreds of bathrobe-clad dudes and dudettes gather at Laurelhurst Park (corner of SE 39th Ave. and Stark St., next to the basketball courts) and walk, walk, walk to the Bagdad Theater and Pub for that aforementioned screening of The Big Lebowski.

Details: YOU CAN ONLY GET INTO THE SCREENING BY MARCHING. People are asked to arrive at the corner of Laurelhurst Park by 9 p.m. Friday with a bathrobe, clothes on underneath that bathrobe (the Dude never was naked under his robe!) and their ID proving they're 21 or older. They'll get wristbands ensuring entry (the screening's free). Later that hour, the march will begin, heading down 39th the ten blocks to Hawthorne and then the two blocks west to the Bagdad. The theater holds 600 people; once 600 people have wristbands, any people still waiting will be cut off and not get in. Sorry.

The screening will start at 11:00. Pre-film entertainment will be provided by the band The Troublemakers. And by the imbibing of a drink much like, perhaps exactly like, a White Russian. (I don't drink much, I don't know.)

The Second Annual March of the Lebowskis. Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.

P.S. Want to know what I thought of The Big Lebowski back in the day? Here's my 1998 review.
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