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I was first alternating between making dinner (rice and Polish sausage) and checking out online stuff on my computer less than two feet from the kitchen, and then I was just online for several minutes, and then I was in and out of the kitchen first for a little bit of dessert and then for taking my supplements, and it was then that I looked back at the stovetop and the burner I'd cooked the rice on WAS STILL ON. Really really low but on.

Gee, it's good I don't smoke! Or that I didn't leeeeeeean over that stove! Or mistake the blue flame for the world's tiniest aurora! Aurora Dumbassis!

Argh. Okay, not a big argh. A little argh. Heart attack's averted.


In news completely unrelated to my dinner-related brain fart, tonight's NCIS is set in Los Angeles, convenient for a show that's actually shot in Los Angeles but faking Washington, D.C. Makes me think Whoa, will Abby actually be shown in sunlight?! This is how I think. (After the Show: I had it on while talking to rafaela. Abby never left D.C., or, for that matter, her computer-cave.)

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