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Condition my condition is in: GOOD

I'm in a good mood, a better mood than you might think from reading what I've written today. I've been well-fed (and didn't burn down my building in the process! Woo hoo!), I just had a nice hour-long chat with rafaela, I've been entertained, and I'm warm and comfortable and good stuff like that.

But it was funnier to try and exaggerate, say, my last entry. And one of my writing weaknesses: I have trouble exaggerating. I think I have an overdeveloped need to say what I mean and mean what I say, so I don't really know how to exaggerate interestingly. And I'm anal-retentive enough to nitpick other peoples' exaggerations, so I think at some level I'd probably nitpick my own exaggerations, too.

Mom, I probably learned "Don't exaggerate" well from you. Too well. ;-)

This has been a disclaimer. There. Disclaimed.

9:19 p.m. edit! Adding to the good: Portland won Game 5! They can win!
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