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A clean-cut Achiever

To the disappointment of, oh, I dunno, somebody, I won't be a scruffy facial-haired long-hair at Friday night's March of the Lebowskis (again, details here). I've been clean-shaven for a while, and will stay that way while job-hunting; and today while running errands I got a haircut. I told the stylist my main priorities were to get rid of the bulky waves in back and get the hair off my ears, and just to make the top fit with that.

I added "One of these days I'll get those sharp Star Trek sideburns. But not now." (A Mr. Incredible action figure stood near the stylist's station, so I figured this salon might be geek-friendly, is why I said it. And I've really considered getting those sideburns.)

I'll just be a scruffy facial-haired long-hair in spirit when we march.
Tags: midnight movies, peregrinations

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