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You shouldn't overthink things when you abide!

This March of the Lebowskis thing has TAKEN OVER MY MIND.

Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts's been calling this "The Day of the Lebowskis," and I keep mentally rewriting that as "The Day the Lebowskis Took Over," because A) we should (600 people in bathrobes strutting through Southeast Portland!) and B) that makes me think of the one Dr. Dre song I have in my music collection*, but then I thought That doesn't fit! It's too aggressive for Jeff Lebowski! And then I realized And it's about the L.A. Riots! It's about something that hadn't even happened yet when The Big Lebowski takes place!

I've also been having agita over not being scruffy enough. Gotta be presentable for work (starting Monday! Woo!). So no facial hair. I told myself Just settle for stubble. I have stubble.

I wanted some flair, though, so I also considered wearing my one hat (the one I got at Willy Wonka). And THEN I thought But only The Stranger wears hats in that film! The closest anyone else gets are those form-fitting caps the German nihilists wear!

So. Stubble and a bathrobe. And letting my gut hang out. These will have to do, Dude.

March of the Leboswkis. Achieve and abide. If you can do both at the same time.

* It's on the great soundtrack to Natural Born Killers. Snoop Dogg's one of the rappers.
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