Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Whoa. That WAS thunder.

Up from a post-film nap. Awoke to a cell of hard rain and -- unusual for Portland -- thunder. The cell's passed, pummelling some other part of the city.

I'm wearing my bathrobe again. It feels like a bathrobe day. Luckily my robe's dry again. My robe and I got drizzled on last night while walking home. Yep: I walked all the way home from Lebowski at the Bagdad. (My bathrobe didn't walk. I know the sentence a sentence or two ago may have given that impression.) I fortified myself along the way with fries and pesto mayo from Potato Champion, and that REALLY hit the spot.

Oo. Now the sun's back. The weather today's been eclectic. It was actually pretty warm after Star Trek.

I'm not sure how well both my inner editor and my sense of how interesting an entry is are operating right now, so close I shall. Time to eat, and to recover my mind.

P.S. And wind. I should mention the wind. Whip it, branches, whip it good!

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