Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A sufficiently vague Star Trek thing

Just so you know...

There's some almost gleeful misdirection in the Star Trek ads.

I hope this was deliberate and that J.J. Abrams had some say in how it was done. It's not the "sell a different movie than we made" sort of misleading advertising that drives me bonkers: this is a big, loud, asplodey, emotional, funny, sexy movie, just like the ads say. It also doesn't feel like advertising cut together by people who don't seem to understand what they're selling. It always bothered me in the trailer to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home -- this should be the right link -- that's edited to make it seem like the Klingon Bird-of-Prey is having trouble breaking out of Earth's atmosphere while traveling at Warp 9. That's like claiming it's hard to do the 100m dash in a full-speed Indy Car.

(I'll have more in-depth thoughts about Star Trek later. I should have a report about the March of the Lebowskis sooner. Not tonight, though, as I'm really tired and the thought-to-writing paths might get confused and make me use the wrong gibbons.)
Tags: star trek

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