Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

No title comes to mind

Long week: a little draining, but productive. My mind was, um, hiccuping last night after work: I kept having trouble speaking, especially when conducting transactions. Now I can rest my mind, thank all…

I ran into a former co-worker on the Transit Mall last night: a Vesta vet named T.J., tall guy in black, comfortable-looking clothes and hat. He’s traded the old company for Intel, which means a longer commute out the Max to Hillsboro, but he’s glad to be away from Vesta. I think I know one person – correction, one person I actually like – at Vesta still…

Hobbled brain aside, I did buy good stuff after work. At the downtown Borders I used gift cards to buy another copy of Poppy Z. Brite’s Liquor (still not found by my cousin Amy “Maximy” Walsh after she moved) and, finally, George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass. I never knew until 2001 that “My Sweet Lord” was Harrison’s song; I just knew it was a great, lovely tune, but no radio station DJ would ever identify it. Finally I learned this (what should have been obvious) truth because I heard the song on KINK 101.9, where the DJs do a very good job of ID’ing every song.

Almost exactly three months before Tarah and John get married…

P.S. Want to know exactly how Poppy is truly a gay man in a woman's body? Read this poem to learn.
Tags: books, music, peregrinations, portland, work

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