Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I can get the job. And I can do the job.

Two days in, feeling confident. Work is happening. (Reminds me, I've gotta go online and fill out my timecare.) I'm assigned to the small satellite office of a company that works on dog shows. I'm resisting bringing up Best In Show; my co-workers probably have a sense of humor about it (they a sense of humor about plenty of other things), but if that's my only previous frame of reference to the dog show culture, maybe I should find out more before quoting "We have so much in common -- we both love soup..."

Anyway. A job. I'm mainly doing data entry, typing in dogs' entry information for upcoming shows. Means I'm getting my first deep exposure to show dogs' names, which are OPULENT LIKE WHOA: many-worded and purple. Since I shouldn't point out real names, I'll make one up: Paperweight Oscillator Wookiee Nougat Eden Dream. There. (Metafilter has a good, real answer about what is up with those names.) I'm also sorting and filing forms, and I'll be answering the phones sometimes. What I've done so far is deeply anal-retentive work, which I can do.

And it's a one-hour walk home. I checked.
Tags: peregrinations, work

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