Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

An upcoming benefit of this job:

Customers of this company tend to visit their office. With their dogs. In fact one of my co-workers asks them to do that.

I'll get to visit dogs.

I've had very few chances to do that the last several months: only in passing when I happen to pass people taking their dogs on walks. I think the last time I said "hi" to a dog I knew was last September when I stopped at coffeeinhell and Patrick's house and waved at their dog Bella. (Bella needed a bath and was, I think, a little ill that day, so I didn't pet her. I at least smiled and waved in her direction.)

I appreciate all sorts of pets -- can someone be "a pet person," not just "a dog person" or "a cat person"? -- and I've missed having chances to appreciate dogs. My family's dog Sophie passed away nearly five years ago, and come to think of it, my only nearby family members who currently have a dog are my cousins in Dayton, Oregon, and I haven't been out to visit them in months and months and months.

I hope the dogs appreciate me. I'll definitely appreciate them.
Tags: work

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