Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Good stuff

Feeling good, is what I'm feeling right now.

I'm warm from hot tea and hot food: a blueberry-flavored herbal tea and satisfyingly reheated pizza. (Alicia used to be driven to distraction by my liking reheated pizza. "You DON'T reheat pizza!" she said. "You always eat it cold!" And I said "I don't." And she'd glare, Faye-from-Questionable Content-style. Then she'd forgive me, 'cause she is awesome and so am I.)

I've done some good writing lately. I've written a Star Trek review I'm proud of, and it'll either go up here or somewhere else, if a certain somebody likes what I wrote enough to post it. I'm still happily geeking out over the flick.

I'm learning more ways to be productive at work. Plus I got some visiting time today with a calm visiting beagle. Petting pets: I'm good at that.

And a friend of mine is newly in love. And I'm happy for her.

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