Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh



The full moon's getting visible. Yellow beaming past be-leaved branches in my backyard's trees, and that yellow light is light coming from a direction I don't normally see light coming from so it stands out, big and hinting at its roundness. No hope of seeing its features through the visual noise of the branches and leaves, but still, it's the moon (moonmoonmoonmoonmoonmoon!) and I find it comforting to see the moon assert itself.

Now it's going behind the tree closest to my window. Its roundness is cut off a bit. It's harder to see it. BUT! -- and this is the important point -- it's still there! If the moon doesn't reappear on the tree's other side, something is horribly wrong. ;-)

Goodnight, Moon Take it easy, all y'all readin' this. (Maybe the Man in the Moon is reading this. If so, I'd be massively impressed.)
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