Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Walk-trekkin', across the Portland grid...

Treats today:

* Good, warm weather for a long walk, wearing my hat to protect my pale head. By chance, I wandered through several blocks of restored vintage cars on display; I know almost nothing about cars, but I like how a lot of them look.

* I stopped at Grendel's at NE 7th and Burnside for a sandwich and mocha, glad the place was still there because I like it but hadn't been there in maybe over a year, and then I walked up, up, up Sandy Blvd.

* Saw Star Trek again, this time with a large and very receptive audience at the Roseway. I indeed walked the whole way, from 7th and Burnside to 72nd and Sandy; I'd budgeted plenty of time, and I like this increasing habit of taking long walks on weekends. I grinned a lot my second time at Star Trek, same as the first.

* Took the #12 bus to downtown for library time, computer time and Powell's time. I hoped I looked dashing in my hat. It's not a cunning hat, but I like it.

* I also started reading Peter David's Wolverine: Election Day while traversing Portland. Another treat!
Tags: peregrinations, portland, star trek

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