Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A glow

Another walk, this time to County Elections and back to drop off my ballot (I’d spaced on voting until after work, when I stopped at a library and saw a ballot drop box). Headed home with a detour to Southeast Grind, the new café where the Fireside Coffee Lodge used to be, and got some computer time plus a grilled cheese sandwich. Headed home along the ramp that runs from SE 17th northbound onto Powell Blvd., reading. Always good to look up and scan for any possible obstructions while read-walking, so I looked up. Looking east: the gray-blue of the part of the sky farthest from sunset light, with dirty clouds shredded across. And I turned my head to look west. And was near knocked out by the sunset glow, framed by more of those clouds, as well as the West Hills and the low industrial buildings of my part of Southeast. The lit-up air seemed ready to overwhelm its frame. It seemed more present, with more form. Form I would not have seen without turning then to look back.

Glows make many things seem bigger. Even the sky.
Tags: creme de la chris, peregrinations, portland

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