Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Tee hee! I'm going to like this Star Trek.

seperis explains some of why this alternate-timeline Star Trek established by the new film is massively, gloriously fucked up. Big spoilers for this movie and Alan Dean Foster's novelization. The comments go into deep detail about the implications, too, and as a longtime Trek fan I'm loving where their minds are going.

Via apocalypsos.

Edit! More links to more thoughts.

So some people are throwing the term "Mary Sue" (quick definition: a fantasy-fulfillment character inserted by the author into a story) at this film's Alt!Uhura, and violetisblue calls bullshit: "at this point [the term]'s applied to any female character under the age of seventy who can make it home in a rainstorm without drowning."

(And speaking of Mary Sues, Doctor Who as a Mary Sue/self-insertion character got brought up, leading to this (to me) wonderful comment: "Nah, you still need Mary Sues, because the Doctor can't be his own girlfriend ...



Actually, scratch that. I can see it.")

box_in_the_box defends and explains Gaila the Orion Starfleet cadet. Spoilers, obviously, too (I was just about to add a comment about her in the film, and realized it could be a spoiler).

And this Uhura macro shows that sometimes you need profanity (lots and lots of profanity) to explain exactly how awesome someone is.
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