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Some of what's good

Be positive I shall:

  • It's warm and sunny out this morning.

  • I slept well.

  • 94.7 Alternative Portland is having one of its monthly Live Music Saturdays. Gnarls Barkley doing "Run Away," U2's Bono throwing "Here Comes The Bride" into the start of "Angel of Harlem," and more musical fun-ness.

  • Last night I had quick but good hanging-out time with two of my neighbors and the boyfriend of one of those neighbors. We talked about Star Trek, the sexiness of the Battlestar Galactica cast, and not being driven crazy by work, on a warm and breezy night outside our building. With a visiting cat we could pet.

  • I am amused that some Pepsi products now come in 8-ounce cans. They're CUTE. (Supposedly the original formulators of Coca-Cola decided the ideal serving size of a soda was 8 ounces. Of course, they also thought cocaine was a good ingredient, too, so maybe I should take that with the grains of salt that come in an 8-ounce Mountain Dew can (40 mg of it, to be exact)...

  • A misspelling in a blog entry talking about passports led to this exchange:
    framlingem: My passport says that, only it uses "the" instead of "teh" ;-) I suppose if I had an Internet passport, "teh" would be the correct wording!

    kradical: Gah! It's fixed....

    chris_walsh: But it did briefly delight me to see it spelled like that... (See, Keith? Misspellings can bring joy!)

    framlingem: If I were a citizen of the Internet, my passport would probably be in LOLspeak. :D

    chris_walsh: O HAI I CAN HAZ PASSAGE
    And in a different kind of fun language, I saw an icon using the palindrome
    Palindromes Are Rasemordnilap!
    As I told that icon's user, "Just off-topic: as palindromes make me unreasonably happy, I get joy from your icon. (I'm someone who once almost pissed himself laughing at the "Weird Al" Yankovic song "Bob," with all those palindromes.) Why yes, I am an English major, why do you ask? ;-) Language is fun!"

  • This I should've added: chefcdb, docbrite's husband, once again has a fully functioning New Orleans restaurant! The Green Goddess officially opened last night. Plus one of its dishes is getting made with Pacific Northwest food, and I hope the Pacific Northwest food acquits itself well.
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