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For future me-spotting purposes

Now I know what character will be based on me in an upcoming Farscape comic*. And I know he'll look like "a pale, thin, red-haired man with a same-colored goatee."

Well, I'm more medium-height/medium-build, and it's a VanDyke, but I have to allow for dramatic license... ;-)

In completely not-related-to-me news...oh. There shouldn't be completely not-related-to-me news. Never mind. Carry on.

* Context! Not for the weak! I'd thought I'd mentioned this in my journal earlier this month, but I hadn't; I won this Farscape cameo in shadesong and yendi's raffle that raised money for their daughter Elayna to go to the Explo summer camp.

Much Later Edit: Here's the icon I made of my character, Capt. Kris W'lash:

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