Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Birthday Catchup. (Which sounds like "Birthday Ketchup." Which sounds a little kinky.)

I've been negligent in my birthday-greetings thing this month, and I've missed some. Time to rectify that.

So happy belated birthdays to:

* Matt Spencer, known LJ-ically as happyspector (Monday, May 11th), who's kept writing, is getting short stories published, and is going to get published more one of these days;

* yvonnemason (Sunday, May 17th), a relatively recent adopter of this LiveJournal (howdy! I hope you had fun on your birthday!);

* One of the Loris reading this, theloriest (Monday, May 18th), who I know had fun on her birthday;

* and today's celebrant, docbrite! May there be good food, good cat-snuggling, and good gardening weather.

There. Caught up. I missed doing these. (And Doc's birthday celebration message is NOT belated, unless Doc's already gone back to sleep and doesn't read this until tomorrow...)
Tags: birthdays

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