Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The summer of '89, in handy 2009 form!

Because leonardpart6 was kind enough to link to it: critic Brian Orndorf is revisiting the summer movies of 1989, one week at a time. He starts with the Memorial Day weekend releases of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and the Clint Eastwood-Bernadette Peters action-comedy Pink Cadillac. Plus, as an aside, he salutes the one-week-previous release of Road House:
Now it’s an omnipresent, overtly cutesy pop culture punchline, but 20 years ago “Road House” was a superlative goofball classic that was absolute catnip to my 13-year-old mind. I was way too young to see it, but that never stopped me before. The explosion of redneck defiance, Sam Elliot’s spot-on impression of KY jelly, freewheeling sexuality, scorching Jeff Healey Band blues, and Patrick Swayze’s Zen-like barroom-busting badassery probed deep into my virginal soul. It was mesmerizing: a bloodied, battered Penthouse Letter brought to life and ready to yank out your voice box. I had never witnessed a picture like it before.

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