Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

...something gentle.

Ever-drift: float, ride the air, cushioned on silence.
Be above, new-angled, hugged by the haze of the horizon:
See some of the lines of your world. See patterns. See movement.
See soundless motion.
See the world as a tableau of pure flowing change: the stutter-fly darting of birds,
The smooth-moving, gliding glints off of cars,
The near-imperceptible rustle of a thousand million branches and a million million leaves,
The molasses-look of far-below rivers.
Watch a slice of the world wake up; watch it stretch and become occupied and in-use again, given renewed illumin'd form by the sunlight,
By its constant, caressing, ever-new-angled sharpness:
But a sharpness that cannot cut, that can instead be absorbed, drunk in by the land below
The land waiting patiently to hold you again.

...actually not inspired by Up, as I have not seen it yet. But I wished to write something gentle.

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Tags: poetical

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