Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I'm both good and slightly not fit for human contact.

I should be both good and fit for contact later.

Long day, for various reasons both good and bad: I stayed up too late last night (bad!) watching Conan O'Brien's first Tonight Show (good!); I woke up too early (bad!); I dealt with a vague headache (slightly bad!) while at work, which was hectic and a little stressful (also bad!) but which evened out better as the day went on (good!). It helped that I cleared up some semi-complicated confusions later in the day, so I was helpful and that was helpful to me. (You know that's good, right?)

Also, I'd driven to work, and then after work I drove to the Red Cross for my latest blood donation. Note To Self: using the right arm for donations? Keep that up; that arm doesn't seem to mind. My left arm, on the other hand, seems to. Mind, that is. How mixed can I get this metaphor? Anyway, the donation went well (you might even say Good!). I even got a Thank You note: "It all starts with you! Your life saving donation helps a child in need..."

After my canteen time, omnomnoming on a donated Krispy Kreme and raisins while sipping fluids, I walked back to my car with a spring in my step and drove carefully home, stopping at Burgerville for dinner. Hey, hamburgers are good to have after donations. Seriously. Iron replenishment, you see. Yeah, like I need an excuse to eat a burger.

I feel kind of goofy right now, which is an improvement on the morning and midday. Ultimately, a good day. Even my headache receded. Still, I'm tired, and I'll likely rest rock-like tonight.
Tags: blood, peregrinations, work

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