Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Y'know who deserves a wonderfully happy birthday? elionwyr!

Here's a happy birthday holler to elionwyr. She's too much awesome for one name, so she's also Dusti Lewars and also also Spooky.

While leading her interesting life, Dusti's worked at zoos, animal clinics, seasonal haunted houses -- she builds them (and as she's FAR better with tools than I am, this is good) then acts in them -- cable-access TV shows, and, at this moment, a garden. She's been good to people, to animals, and to plants. This is a good track record. They're among the signs she's a good person.

Dusti's also this comely mix of elegant and goofy -- she's one of the many very funny people I'm privileged to know -- and she inspires fondness. She also inspired me on her birthday last year to write a sort of fable.

Happy Birthday, elionwyr. You know how glad I am to know you. *hugs*
Tags: birthdays

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