Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I'ves no ones to blames but myself.

Not-so-good habit lately of eating worse than I usually do. Tied in with not preparing lunch consistently, tied in with being off doing other stuff (online reading/writing, mainly).

Remember, Chris, lunch is easy to make. You have the makings for sandwiches and can whip up a basic sandwich in a minute. Maybe, at most, a little more than a minute. And it means you don't have to rely on easy-to-grab snacks at the office (well stocked with snacks, but don't let that be a crutch) or what's available at the stores and restaurants close to the office.

This will also, you know, be cheaper. And spending less is good right now.

This has been a reminder to myself before I fall too far into a bad habit.

(The good habits? The extra walking, for instance? Good. Keep that up.)

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