Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

More Karate Kid thoughts:

* We had guys in the audience dressed as Cobra Kai. Many points for style.
* How many bullies find Daniel? First film, bullies. Second film, bullies. Third film, bullies. This goes beyond bad luck to “was he a bully in a past life and now he’s getting punished?” C’mon, he’s getting’ piled on, the poor guy. (He’s also getting nice and cute girlfriends each time, but still.) I mean, how many friends does he get? (Friends are on my mind, you see.)
* I’d forgotten Larry Drake was that racist beer drinker at the beach. This was pre-Benny on L.A. Law and really pre-Robert Durant in Darkman.
* I wanted Mr. Miyagi to actually yell “Concentrate!” Then I realized I was imagining him saying it the way Yoda does.
* Anyone remember Mad Magazine’s Karate Kid parody? The jerk dojo master’s tattoo is not of someone holding a snake, it’s of someone strangling Kermit the Frog.
* There’s only barely a training montage in this film. And it’s set to Bill Conti’s score, not to a rah-rah song, so does that count? *is confused* *or maybe has heard “We’re gonna need a montage!” too often*
* Now I want to see that parking lot scene after the tournament that they shot for Part I but didn’t use until Part II.
* I kind of wanted the ref at the end to go “Three, two, one: Dodgeball!”

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