Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's my weekend in handy weekday form!

Good weekend. Not in the "'Good Weekend' by the band Art Brut" way ("We've tried it a variety of ways/ I've not slept in about four days/ Got myself a brand new girlfriend...") but a good weekend. And during that time I got a couple of really wonderful and completely unexpected compliments, and that's always a ego boost.

I also wrote a fair amount. Highlights:

* My first post after my overcaffeinated good time at a late night screening of The Karate Kid (oh, I also let myself have one of the Bagdad's Terminator Stout Chocolate Milkshakes, yes, I can let myself drink).

* I did a voice post (here's the mp3) that made a good friend say "There is something wrong with you." Enjoy the wrongness!

* I dug out descriptions and poetry my 2000/2001 self wrote, and shared it with all your 2009 selves.

* I got all thoughtful about relationships: friendships and more-than-friendships. I'm very proud of this entry. I think the thoughts are worthy thoughts.

* I finally summed up the screening of The Karate Kid, which was a fun show but probably in ways the filmmakers didn'r mean it to be. Later I added additional random thoughts inspired by the flick.

* Oh, and because it's Not All About Me, I made sure to link to an absolutely deranged new section of Potato Moon, because it made me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

So! That's my weekend, rendered in convenient-to-read journal entries!

How's by you?

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