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In which doing nothing can be seen as a stand on something.

Here's a great way to get me to watch less TV: take just over half of my cable away. Which I'll let happen.

I have a 2006 model TV (a combo TV/DVD player), which I bought three years ago intending to watch more DVDs, so the signal-to-digital conversion the government's doing doesn't affect me. Comcast is doing its own digital conversion, however, and I'd need a Comcast-installed unit on my TV to be able to see the higher half of the stations. I decided it's not worth it, so I'll let things convert and a few dozen channels turn to snow.

I do watch plenty of DVDs, as my TV show season set reviews should show, but yep, I've had the bad habit again of channel-surfing. If I channel-surf after this, it'll get over more quickly, and I can get on to other things.

By the way, either channels 32 through 71 are going away or channels 31 through 71 are going away -- I've heard both -- so I might not have Univision but I will have Telemundo, the (in my opinion) sexier of the Spanish language cable channels.

I got by just fine with no TV from mid-2002 to early 2006, so I'll get by with fewer channels now.

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