Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Alicia exists! Here's photo proof!

Considering I mention her a lot, and am still friends with her 13 years after we met, and am wondering if anyone's thinking she's the girlfriend-who-lives-in-Canada sort of delusion, I may now say No! My friend and former girlfriend Alicia exists and I can show you her!

And show you her I shall.

Alicia, my friend and FSO (Former Significant Other)

I came up with the title "FSO" for her after someone I trust said sage words: "Never call them your 'ex.'" "Ex" is a harsh sound that suggests harsh feelings, and though Alicia and I didn't work as a couple I'm still glad I know her. And I thought "FSO" sounded nicely military, which amused me.

Now I don't have to resort to saying "Alicia kind of looks like a longer-haired and less curvy Faye from Questionable Content." I can simply point people here.

And yep, I still think she's phenomenally cute. :-)

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