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Being for the benefit of stagger_lee77, soon after her birthday

Brain-lapsed, I did, and didn't write this earlier when it was still her birthday on the East Coast (so now for her it's Birthday Plus 1), but:

Happy birthday, stagger_lee77!

You're wonderfully well practiced at being a smartass. (First I was going to say "You've raised smart-assedness to an art form," but that sounded trite and you deserve better than trite.) I'm guessing you have a big laugh, and whatever size your laugh is, I hope you get to use it plenty. (Quick, supremegoddess1! Say something to amuse her! You're good at it!)

May the hockey gods give you good fan-recuperation time this off-season. And it's good there's plenty of concerts and music in the meantime. Good thing there's no playoffs for your favorite musicians! They can just keep making music...
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