Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Not enough Brain right now for a post of substance.

Thus, bullet points:

* This morning's tent campers are gone. Who they were, why they were behind my building, I know not.

* The stereo-installing company Car Toys has the slogan "A better way to go." Some of its current ads change that to "A better way to G-O." The announcers are gonna have to pronounce that really carefully or it'll sound like something else. ;-)

* Even edited to hell for ION Television (slogan: "We're trying not to offend you! Really!*"), Major League still makes me laugh. Willie Mays Hays is a name of beauty. Wesley Snipes as Willie Mays Hays makes me wish Snipes would make comedies again!

* A better day at work today than yesterday, because today's work day did not include screaming. And that's the extent of what I'll say about that.

* A thought based on finishing Skeletion Crew tonight: How many people figured out Stephen King had a drug problem before he admitted it? Man, the drinking issues scream out from those pages. (May the work of AA continue to work for you, Mr. King.)

* ...and no other bullet points are occurring to me. But I'm sure I've succeeded my recommended daily allowance of bullets. As, of course, the usual RDA is ZERO.

Good night, y'all.

* Also "We show that Goth from NCIS! We're edgy!" But they wouldn't say "hot Goth." They'd think that might offend someone.
Tags: books, work

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