Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Happy birthday, hughcasey!

Birthday-ing today is good guy hughcasey.

He emanates out of his corner of Pennsylvania (King of Prussia, to be exact) like a Geek Force of Nature, shaping how a lot of my East Coast friends relate to each other. And shaping in a happy, positive way.

He's helped put on conventions; he's created his own film company, Parents Basement Productions (his shorts "Teddy's Big Escape" and "Young Geeks in Love" are online); and he's one of the best appreciaters of beauty I know. He has a great, deep, voice (that's his voice gently, gently narrating "Teddy's Big Escape"). His ability to care, and to care for people, has been a boon to many: you want Hugh Casey in your corner.

He'll officially celebrate in what's shaping up to be a niiiiice big party a week from today, with the amazing-in-her-own-many-ways elionwyr, who's also a recent birthday celebrant. Have fun!

And I'm glad I know you, Hugh. *man hug*
Tags: birthdays

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