Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A Friending pondering.

This inspired one of my occasional "I won't do it, but I'll think it" thoughts:

So someone Friended me (in LiveJournal parlance) this week. I read hisherits journal, and it seemed well-written but not something I wanted to read on a regular or semi-regular basis: honestly, it kind of bothered me. The writer also seemed like someone I'd rather not show my Friends-locked posts to. (My big issue with the journal in question: its writer seemed interested in taking hot-button issues, reducing them to "it seems to me the issue is" one-sentence summations that, I thought, reduced them to too absurd a level, and then saying "Discuss." I'm not the sort of writer who goes after hot-button topics or posts stuff because it's a hot topic; that sort of writing's never felt "organic" to me. Would make me a lousy Opinion Page columnist.)

So I didn't Friend back, and today hesheit Unfriended me.

Here's where my Inner Weenie asserts itself: I briefly considered sending this writer a private message that went
Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi.
Et cetera. Which would be a weenie thing to do, so I won't do it. But I thought it. And I've thought of it before. (I've felt it more strongly when people have Friended me, been interactive with me, courteous and responsive to courtesy and all that, then UnFriended me and later seemed to act as if I didn't exist, or at least that they didn't know who I was.)

Here's one thing. I'm very deliberate in choosing who I Friend on this journal. I've only recently loosened up in how I choose (so some more of you now get to read the approximately 3% of this journal that's not public; the rest of you, you're getting the overwhelming gist of what I'm like and how I write). I Friend who I find interesting. At some level I figure other people are doing the same thing. So my first thought to seeing that hesheit UnFriended me today was So I'm interesting at the start of the week and not interesting at the end of it? It's a moment of dissonance, and this time it inspired me to write an entry.

This is never gonna to be journal-Pokemon, "Gotta catch them all!" I don't have time for that. There are many things I don't do with my online journaling, based on what makes me comfortable and what makes me uncomfortable. I like to think I've carved out a comfortable place on LJ, and I'm glad a lot of you find it comfortable here. That's more important to me than having hundreds or thousands of readers.

I think I needed to get out and write down thoughts like that. There; done. On to the next stuff.
Tags: creme de la chris

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