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B Be For Me

Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter. Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter. Post the list in your journal. Give out letters to your commenters in return.

octoberland decreed me B. Let's see:

1) Baron Munchausen, as in The Adventures of as directed by Terry Gilliam. Not for everybody, but one of my favorite movies ever. You should see the grin I grin while watching it.
2) The Beatles. Changing pop music and being sardonically amused by that.
3) Brite, Poppy Z., a.k.a. docbrite. I hope Doc gets to meet Stephen King one of these days. I'm also proud of turning Alicia on to Doc's work: Alicia actually kept the copy of Drawing Blood I'd loaned her, because she'd loved the book that much.
4) Ballet. Gorgeous and athletic and powerful. Why haven't I ever asked out a ballet dancer?
5) The Bagdad. McMenamin's theater-pub and the home since 2006 of Cort and Fatboy's Midnight Movies, plus the Battlestar Galactica screenings of earlier this year, meaning I'm there at least once monthly -- or once weekly -- hanging out with cool people.
6) Blade Runner. I love that when I finally saw this in a proper movie theater in 1991, I thought Pay attention, there will be a test. A movie that rewards attention, and about as perfect a work as Ridley Scott has ever directed.
7) Bernard Herrmann, film music composer and a volcano who walked as a man. Deeply emotional, in both his life and his music. (I strongly recommend the biography A Heart at Fire's Center by Stephen C. Smith, and the documentary Music for the Movies: Bernard Herrmann.) A fascinating, difficult man.
8) Bonnie. The word. It's a good, piquant word, and can be used to describe women I find attractive.
9) Bloom County. In its day, one of the best-observed, consistently surprising comic strips around, willing to poke at many political stripes. I still remember first seeing Fundamentally Oral Bill, and I fell in love with Berkeley Breathed's words "Offensensitivity" and "Snugglebunny." A Bloom County collection was the first book I ever bought from Powell's Books back in the Eighties. Bloom County is what Mallard Fillmore wishes it could be but never can be.
10) Boobies. Hey, I'll let myself be obnoxious and prurient once on this list!
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