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Voice Post: Grease re-released and song! (FLASHBACKS, 5/12/1998)

If you hate the film, DON'T CLICK TO LISTEN.

396K 2:05
(no transcription available)

(sung to the tune of the first song you hear in the film – admit it, you know it:)

We went to see it twenty years ago
And once more we could go, in a nostalgic glow
Return to Rizzo, Danny and Sandy
Greased Lightning’s Konickie, and all that history

Grease has returned
(has returned, our love burned, never spurned)
Fans dress up, fans in glee
Grease had caught up after we were brought up
And we re-turn to see

Olivia is singin’ country now
She has grown up, and how, still a-dor-aaaa-ble (meow)
John Travolta got back his career
Once more an icon here, thanks to Pulp Fiction’s year

Grease has occurred
(has occurred; what it’s spurred ain’t absurd)
Makes you go, makes you see
Grease: a phenom, and it’s non-Al Anon
It’s for kids, it’s PG

Does everything have to be R-rated
Or closely related to the sick and twist-ed?
No one in this film is really bad
Nothing is strange or sad, and that’s a happy fad

Grease is some fun
(it’s some fun, and for once, not one gun)
Go hand-jive, and you’ll see
Grease: what the heck? I won’t stick out my neck
And say it is cheesy

Grease has returned, our love burned, never spurned, has returned, has returned, has returned, has returned… [to fade-out]

And a line from the non-sung part of my review: “If I smoked, I’d want a cigarette lighter like what Konickie (Jeff Conaway) had…”
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