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Speaking in melody

First, the important thing: a VERY large protest is underway in Tehran to speak out against the election; worries about government crackdown. Updates via Twitter, including at Persian Kiwi ("people shouting 'Mir Hossein Mousavi - President of Iran'") and Change For Iran. The links I posted earlier also are still updating. We may be watching a revolution via the internet. We may be watching a crackdown via the internet.


To think about something else, I give you a ponderable:

There's a theory that music evolved from language.

There's a theory that language evolved from music.

We speak in melody, with that rising-and-falling-in-a-certain-range way. Music exaggerates that. So either humans did that, exaggerating how we spoke to turn it into song, or humans damped down their singing in order to speak.

Language evolution could've happened so that we'd all be speaking like we were in a musical. Think about it. (I think I just blew theloriest's mind.)


Involved dreams last night: a performance space/impromptu store set up inside the NE Portland home where my mom lived in the 1960s. (I lived my first three weeks of life in the same house, by the way; it made a huge impression on me.) Also me driving or riding something (a car? a bike?) very, very carefully through a large department store, but one with a steeply sloping floor. People seemed to be making sure, very gently, that I had room to maneuver. And there were moments where the most important thing to do in this dream-world was ponder the actions of the characters in Fargo.

No, I know not what any of this means. But the people in my dream wanted to help others. It was a very...accomodating dream. A wanting-to-understand dream.

Thank you, dream-people, for accomodating and for wanting to understand.
Tags: dreams, language, music
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