Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Online threads in the real world

Dreams last night included a stone-and-brick walkway curving through a basement, and when I found the walkway I found it had weeds along it (despite being inside) and was, in fact, laid out like an online thread: a new response on each stone or brick. The thread was discussing common grammar mistakes, with lessons left by a couple of people I recognized (I saw shadesong and theferrett's names).

kradical showed up in person, too, talking about his singing cameo in Armageddon (yes, singing cameo in Armageddon, a phrase NEVER WRITTEN BEFORE NOW*) and talking about his new tie-in novel for the show Saving Grace. Um, what? (Adding to the "um, what?" was that the book had a HUGE printing error in it: the text at an angle and mostly running off of the page so that it was almost unreadable.)

Also, I drove Spike Lee through a version of my neighborhood that had a wide dirt road.

Did I eat dinner too late last night or something???

* Detailed further! Keith showed a clip, and he was one of the astronauts on the shuttle at the beginning that gets hit by the little meteors, and he somehow runs into the lower levels of the shuttle for protection (never mind that the shuttles have ONE lower level -- and oh, that YOU CAN'T RUN in zero-gravity, but it's not as if Armageddon matches up with reality) while a song he sang plays, and the song began with the lyrics "If I was a motherfucking imbecile" sung in a low, flat voice not at all like Keith's real voice. Again, um, what?
Tags: dreams, language

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