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Random dream-inspired thoughts:

• That Minority Report “living wall” that Tom Cruise manipulates? I realized what it is: the world’s largest iPhone!
• When will the WWE’s Vince McMahon decide to become a real-world Lex Luthor? If any real-life person could do it, he could do it. Could be a good role for him.
• Can someone be attracted to the length of someone’s arms?
• Abandoned limos are a strange, unexpected sight.
• No one had better ask me where I left a brush. At the University of Oregon Honors College. Which I graduated from in 1997.
• It’s easy for me to imagine pretty, pretty people. Including someone pretty who was flirting with me because she liked the length of my arms. (Yes, I’m still harping on the arms.)
• For some reason, score paper from a musical score by Terrence Blanchard was very, very important. (This is the second Spike Lee-related detail in a dream of mine in the last two days.)
• I like my dreams.
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