Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Hello, Dad: I'm in a ROMANTIC COMEDY! I don't like it here! It's not nice!"

Linking to my betters, Part Many of Many More: Dawn "coffeeinhell" Taylor, inspired by the Sandra Bullock-Ryan Reynolds flick The Proposal, imagines what it might be like to be trapped inside a romantic comedy:
There's a script to be written, hopefully by someone with talent, in which a character from the real world gets dropped into a romantic comedy. Sort of like Enchanted in reverse, or the middle part of Last Action Hero -- a reg'lar Joe or Josephine suddenly finds themselves having to survive in the Rom-Com Universe, forced to adapt their normal-human skills and behavior to an alternate reality where almost nothing is like they know it.
Wisdom, yo, at the link.

Also in that world, you'd never have trouble getting parking in the middle of Manhattan unless the plot needs for to you to be delayed, and everyone's impossibly clever (plus everyone always hears the witticisms and doesn't say "Wait, what?"), and no one's ever nude unless the nudity's going to be funny.

P.S. Where'd my title come from? Here!

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