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And there was a song from Oh God! You Devil. I know not why.

You think "heartwarming Christmas Story-style Christmas movie," you likely don't think of it starring William Shatner and Christian Slater.

Unless, apparently, you're me.

Still, neat hotel where that dream took place. I think Slater was not yet ready to Learn How To Love Again, based on him being screamy Robin Hood-style Christian Slater in the dream. (I think he actually did yell "You ruined my life!")

Oh, and it snowed but never accumulated. Except picturesquely on awnings and stuff. And it was cold outside, but like not real-cold: it was like it was synthetic cold, and it could stop being cold if I just wanted it to be.

This was a "trash dream": I know exactly why I'd been thinking of Shatner and Slater and snow, and those elements just happened to be at the top of my head for my dream-self to grab. Don't ask me where the Christmas stuff came from, though.
Tags: dreams

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