Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sharing my phrasing with my fellow sickos

I just wrote:
In other news, I like the term "innuendo proposition." I think it should be used somewhere.

The Innuendo Proposition: Robert Ludlum's unpublished slashfic.
I just wrote that in this comment in this thread of this post on popfiend's journal. popfiend's happily trying to get to 100,000 comments by sometime next month. Why not read him and help him out? :-)

3:01 Addition! Now I've been inspired to write
Emo conspiracy theorists don't cut with Occam's Razor.
To my credit, I followed that with "(Okay, Chris, that's a HORRIBLE thought.)"

That's in this thread on this Popfiend post.
Tags: books, language

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