Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

An emotional day

It's been an emotional day: I was wet-eyed more than once at Up; I was worried about the news out of Iran; I was glad my friends hughcasey and elionwyr had gotten to their joint birthday party; I felt productive running errands. Some basic groceries, library time, and pre-ordering two copies of greygirlbeast's upcoming novel The Red Tree. One for me, one for Alicia.

I decided I wasn't up for staying out for the 9 p.m. showing of You Only Live Twice -- maybe I'll do a matinee tomorrow -- so I bussed home via downtown.

Adding to the emotions is that Stephen King's Insomnia (my current book) is a very sad story of people often being crappy to each other, and I'm late in the book when the stakes really get ratcheted up and the story's good guys wonder if they can counter the ugliness that's happening. King is wringing me.

I'm home, following what I can of the news: some of the Twitter feeds from Iran, CNN (which I still have on my cable until mid-next week when the cable company does its own digital switchover). And hoping that this works out as well as it can.

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