Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Me in Salem, MA, at the water, Sept. 1st 2008

Finally, months after this photo was taken, I dig this out of my e-mails and share it:

Me, Salem, 1 Sept 2008
Me, Salem, 1 Sept 2008
photo by Jennifer Williams/octoberland

I was indeed in Salem, Massachusetts on Sept. 1st, 2008, on my last full day out East before flying home, and octoberland snapped this shot of me after I'd gotten my hands wet in Atlantic Ocean water for the first time in maybe two decades. We were at the Willows, a waterfront park in the northeast end of Salem, hanging out with her friend grymdragon and talking about all sorts of stuff. We covered a lot of ground that day, both by car and by foot, and the Willows was a special place at a special time on that special trip. Jen's very fond of the park, and I'm fond of getting down by the water. Thus, this.

I'm so glad I made that trip. I think it shows on my face.

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