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Another one of those someone-HAS-to-have-done-this ideas

I got reminded today: When I was a young Star Wars fan, years before I knew that such ideas were called fanfic, I imagined what might happen if some sort of wormhole or other space-time disturbance brought still-fighting Rebels and Imperials to our place and time. Star Wars in our world! Imperial walkers marching on Washington D.C.'s monumental core! The Rebels trying to hide among us! We not knowing which side we should fight on! Militaries getting overwhelmed by the galactic threat and without Ewoks to help us fight them!

I even imagined an opening, pre-opening-overture (and derivative of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I admit) way to open a filmed version of that story: a Voyager probe floats silently through space, but then gets sucked through a space-time disturbance and comes out of it into another part of space, where now it makes sound as it goes by. The galaxy far, far away is so different from ours that there can be sound in space! It would explain so much!

I know that there was that fun video someone made of the Death Star and Imperial ships all over San Francisco (do the links on that page still work?), but c'mon: a story about all that could be a story both ridiculous and fun!
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