Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The showing of hair as a revolutionary act (Iran)

This may in fact already be happening: as idiomagic posted, the women among those protesting in Iran over the election results may do the huge move of showing their faces and hair:
The protesters in Iran have taken an irrevocable step of escalation...A large percentage of protesters are women, and the call has gone out for all of the women to remove their veils this evening and show their faces to the world.

Under Iranian law, an unveiled woman can be arrested, beaten, or in certain circumstances killed...just for showing a lock of hair.

If the thousands of women protesters unveil, there will be mass arrests...or mass murders. The courage these women have shown from the beginning is humbling, and inspiring.

Please read these articles for more on the women in the's long, but well worth your time.,8599,1906049,00.html
Again, the link to her post. (Graphic image warning: the entry opens with a bloodied hand.)

The following words are also from idiomagic, and are worth repeating:
Things we can do from here:
*If you are on Twitter, change your location to Tehran. This makes it harder for the Basij to track down our heroes on the ground there
*If you have the bandwidth, set up an anonymous proxy server to be used by the Iranians to make them harder to track. How-to info is easily Googled.
*If you have specialized knowledge such as urban warfare tactics, guerrila warfare tactics, emergency medicine for wounds, tear gas etc., or if you have experience with organizing protests or strikes, you can put this info on Twitter #iranelection and others or directly on Mousavi's Facebook.
*Get the word out. Talk to your friends. Post. Show your support. The greatest service we can do for the Iranian people is to make their voices heard.
Added from zarhooie:
If people need help setting up proxies, they should use to log on to, channel #iranelection and ask for info there on how to get to the proxy set up help channel.

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