Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

All I hear is radio edits

(Bad grammar in the title, Chris!) (But it better fits the song lyrics!) (Whatever...)

The Rick Emerson Show has been playing typical KUFO-playlist songs, but some of the songs are significantly edited. I listen to KUFO for its DJs -- Rick in the morning, Cort and Fatboy in the afternoon -- and not so much for its music, but I've heard these songs enough to know they're stripped of verses and stuff.

I'm guessing this is what's happened: Rick's a talk-show guy. He moved to rock station KUFO, into Adam Carolla's (and before that, Howard Stern's) timeslot, and there's been a push-pull between Rick's need to ramble and the station's need to play the point where a fan recently pointed out that there's barely half of the show content that Rick's previous AM show had. Rick fans cried foul. Maybe this is a compromise: Rick'll play songs, but shorter songs. I first thought maybe they were being edited for content, which has been happening a little more on radio lately -- Sublime's "The Wrong Way" was edited to get rid of everything around the bit about staring at a girl's chest ("a cigarette rests between her lips, but I'm staring at her tits, it's the wrong way") -- but then other not-as-explicit songs were getting diced, too.

I was half-expecting Rick to start playing songs at slightly faster speed: same content, but finished a few seconds quicker. Radio's done that. I remember hearing a station (I forget which one) back in 2004 where the songs were clearly playing faster.

The preceding was pointless but interesting. At least to me.
Tags: music, portland, radio

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