Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

robyn_ma. The Name Is Legend.

It Is A Birthday For A Massachusetts Librarian Of My Acquaintence Name Of robyn_ma.

Robyn Deserves Something Formal And A Little Victorian, Such As This Capital-Heavy Message I Am Writing Right Now. Thus, This Capital-Heavy Message I Am Writing Right Now.

She Is Surrounded By Love And Pets: Multiple Cats And Multiple Dogs Live Together In Robyn's Home.

She Is Also A Thoughtful, Often Surreal Writer, As Well As An Appreciater Of Cat Macros And Gorgeous Long-Haired Ladies Bathing. Which Sounds Very Victorian When Expressed With Capitals Like This.

She Also-Also Introduced Me To The Pleasures Of LiveJournal, Which Has Become A Big Part Of My Life Since I Started Reading Hers (And Others') In 2004. Many Of You, I Met Directly Or Indirectly Through Her. This Is Good.

I Hope This Is A Felicitous Day Of Birthday Celebrating For robyn_ma. I Am, And Remain, Glad I Know You.
Tags: birthdays

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