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So that’s what’s below the VA… After work today, I took a different route off Pill Hill via the Veterans Administration Hospital (via, of course, the sky bridge, which seems a little longer when so few people are on it). On my morning commute, I go past or through the VA, and kept seeing areas I wanted to explore – this giant stairway down the hill, and a wood path off of a parking lot that went to somewhere – so finally I took the time to look. And to walk more steps than normal, as I always need more exercise.

I had imagined the wood path had gone to maybe a power station or something else mechanical – there are plenty such machines on and in the hill – but it turns out to go to a little wooded lunch area. It could’ve been on a hill in Virginia, and it was cozy. I then took a leaf-covered path to another, lower parking lot, past one of the early Pill Hill buildings (there have been hospitals up here since the 1920s), past a rock wall, and down the big stair to SW Terwilliger and, I think, Condor. I know my way from there, so all I had to do was watch the joggers, especially the cute ones.

And to change the subject abruptly, yes, as my latest entries show, I’ve had Ramones music on the brain all day, including during my evening walk.
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