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Chris Walsh

Just the facts, ma’am (a really basic July 4th weekend recap)

Plenty of cool stuff from this weekend to report, not wanting to get overly fussy with my writing like I sometimes do: this means I’m gonna keep this a simple “this happened and then that happened” post, with no flourishes. Or maybe a few. Anyway. Good weekend.

QUICK QUESTION FIRST, THOUGH: Anyone not able to make LJ voice posts this weekend? Neither phone number I use (1-888-840-6189 and 1-888-558-7678) has let me connect today, and I’ve tried several times. LJ Support said calling from outside the U.S. was not working, but unless Oregon seceded and no one told me I know that’s not the explanation!

On Friday, I went straight from work to one of the Laurelwood restaurants to hang out with my Hawai’i-livin’ friends Matt and Gerrie. He and she were quickly visiting Oregon and had a get-together over drinks and food. They look happy. Much laughing and storytelling happened. I ate pork.

After that, I hit the road and reached the Bagdad, to visit more friends and wait for the KUFO/Cort and Fatboy charity screening of The Empire Strikes Back. This deserves a more in-depth post (I must pontificate on flicks! It’s needed!) and I might write that later. But coolness included a) the film’s still fantastic, 29 years after it came out; b) it raised money for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital; c) it got a great crowd; and d) it had in that crowd stormtroopers, Clone Troopers, a Darth Vader, a Darth Maul, a Slave Leia, a Boba Fett, and a brace of Jedi. (Here’s one sample photo by Mike Russell of the costumes.) The fan films Fatboy showed before the movie went over great, too. coffeeinhell and her husband LJ-less Patrick saved me from a long trip home by driving me most of the way home on their way back to their farther-out home. I slept.

On Saturday, I listened to a Fourth of July-themed Greasy Kid Stuff, then got another ride, this time with Mom and Dad and this time out to Lake Oswego, for an Independence Day party held by friends of theirs. We were on the lake. Twice that night, I was on the lake. First in a kayak (my first time kayaking!), then on a boat, that boat chugging along at eight miles an hour to the western end of the lake to watch the city fireworks. We could even see Cook Park in Tualatin’s fireworks just above the treeline. And let me tell you, being on a smooth, cool lake on a smooth, cool night is relaaaaaaaaaaxing. The Lake Oswego friends also treated us to good food and good people. I ate pork.

On Sunday, I woke up at Mom and Dad’s because I’d ridden with them back there. That was also relaxing. Mom drove me back home this afternoon, on her way to the Waterfront Blues Festival. And I’ve been back in my neighborhood, both the physical one and the online one, since.

Oh, and today I ate pork. Bacon slices in a salad. Had to keep up the pattern somehow.
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