Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I considered titling this "iSuccumb," but it's nothing to do with Apple stuff. ;-)

Facebook and Twitter now know who I am!

I joined both this weekend. Here's my half-done Facebook page. And this is my Twitter feed, splunge2000.

Both are reeeeeeeeeeeally basic; I don't want to get fussy with them. I don't plan to do much with my Facebook page yet; also I'll let you know that I might take a while to friend people back, so if you've asked to join my mad crew, and I don't soon respond, it's just me being slow!

I got onto Twitter because enough people I know are using it that it became easier for me to follow via my own, plus now I can reply to them. I don't plan to use it for much more than that, though saying that reminds me that I started my LiveJournal thinking the same thing, and look how THAT grew...

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