Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Friends of friends lost home in fire, need help

Originally written by zarhooie:

First, go read this. It's ok, I'll wait.

For those who didn't read, the article was about a family in upstate NY who lost everything in a house fire. Those people, Vance and Lisa? They are also known as Talorc and Emma McTaran in the SCA, and you couldn't ask for better people. Their kids, Brian and Josh, are pretty awesome too. They lost everything, including their dog, all their clothes and all their stuff. While Grizzly can never be replaced, the clothes and stuff can. This is where you come in.

They need everything, but clothes are especially needed. Emma wears a 14-16 womens and tends more towards jeans and t-shirts than fancy skirts. However, business casual wear for her would get used. Talorc needs jeans (size 32/32) and large shirts. He likes button downs and t-shirts. The boys also need clothes: Brian is 36,/32 pants xl shirt, Josh is 36/32 pants and xl shirt. They're 15 and 17, so use your best judgment.

Obviously, it's going to be easier for non-locals to send money rather than goods. To this end, gift cards to Target and Walmart are requested, along with Visa pre-loaded cash cards. They've also had a PayPal account set up for them. The address on that is emmaandtalorc AT Every little bit helps.

If you have physical goods that you'd like to give them (clothes, housewares, SCA stuff), please contact either Kat Toomajian aka zarhooie (zarhooie AT or Jen Melchert (jenphalian AT for an address. You can also contact either of us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you in advance for your kindness. Spread the word! See the bottom of this entry for a copy-paste text box.


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